Global Pride Ltd | About Us
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About Us

Global Pride Ltd, headquartered in United Kingdom is arguably the leading IT and computer company in East Africa, with an increasingly big market share in South Africa, U.S.A and Part of Eastern Europe. We do; Networking and Installation, Website Development and Maintenance, PC Repairs and maintenance, Data Security and Recovery, Software and Computer Supplies, Internet Services and IT Consultancy. Established in 2004 by entrepreneurs with a proven track for managing incredibly successful companies in technology; we have built an enviable reputation for providing innovative, quality oriented, cost effective, and customised IT support services and products, for any business and individuals. We provide our Customers with honest, robust, complete and easily integrated solutions to meet and solve their business needs.

For individual home users, small-scale enterprises, medium-scale and large-scale businesses, Educational Institutions, Charity organisations, law enforcement bodies, and any government departments, GLOBAL PRIDE LTD will be your trusted partner.

And yes, we are here to take you global, if you choose to become part of our IT revolution.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

At Global pride a customer is in real terms our partner, we listen carefully to all your needs and every thing we do is aimed at customer satisfaction.


We are obsessed with being very honest to our customers, suppliers, and partners, and to be adequately informative and give an honest option.

Right from First

We strive in every way to get it right from the first time, it only saves resources and time but helps to build trust and longer term relationship.

Quality Oriented

In any circumstances, we work towards excellent services and delivery, we never satisfied even from a leading position and we keep on improving and seeking for the best.

Budget Friendly

We will never inflate prices for our services or sales or for running projects, we are a value-for-money company, but most importantly one that greatly cares about your financial situation.

Respect and Confidentiality

W e strive to embrace respect for each other as staff, for our clients, suppliers and partners. We work on non-tolerance policy at Global Pride for any breach of confidentiality by staff, partners and clients or any third parties. W e have maximum respect for people’s culture, race, religion, gender and or ethnic background.

Community Motivated

W e are a give-back to community company, we fund charities and charity initiatives, we are happy to develop when our customers develop, we offer free promotions and discounts for business starters.

Passionate about Environment

In everything we do environmental conservation is paramount, we advocate for proper and safe waste disposals, and we also fund environmental conservation and protection initiatives.