Global Pride Ltd | Data Security and Recovery
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Data Security and Recovery

The company or organisation’s data is such a valuable asset for its success, and so it’s security must be taken seriously. A breach of such security will lead to virus attacks, corruption of valuable stored data, hacking of confidential information and emails including passwords and usernames to an external source.
At Global Pride, we offer proactive and round-the-clock security to all your data and IT essentials. We offer; Anti-virus services for both hardware and Software, Anti-spam involving installing an external spam filtering service, Spy ware detection and removal, server tracking and protection among others.
In case you have lost data due to corruption by malware, virus attack, or mistakenly erased it; we offer a very efficient data recovery service.
We can recover lost data from Hard disks, Flash memories, external devices, Windows system, Apple Mac, Linux, iphone and ipod touches. We can also recover lost digital photos, and data on the hard drives of CCTV and cameras.
We offer a ‘bullet proof’ back-up regime for your data, remotely controlled off-site for maximum protection against any corruption and degradation, hacking any other data mismanagement.