Global Pride Ltd | Networking and Installation
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Networking and Installation

Are you just starting, Have you’ve outgrown your current IT support provider, are you unhappy with the service you receive, or are you looking to reduce IT costs, or are you improving your business; and you want to outsource your IT Support? Global Pride Ltd is the only RELIABLE ANSWER.
Global Pride undoubtedly offers you the best Network Support services including Installations of any kind, so that you can concentrate on your other core business tasks.
At Global Pride, we listen and understand your net work support needs of any business; discuss all the best options and thereafter, advise you on the best quality oriented and cost-effective option.
We then progress to design the network, and any other business solutions including; Cabling, Dialup, Fibre Optics, Network administration, monitoring, office networking, Satellite communication and Telecommunication solutions, ADSL, Broadband servicing, Business phone systems, Network optimisation, Network hardware supplies, Wireless LAN, PC’s, Servers, firewalls, printers, routers, internet connectivity and any other software/hardware equipments that require networking and installation.
We can become your contracted IT department especially by offering you all-encompassing network support services.
Alternatively, especially for larger companies and organisations, we can supplement your In-house (Internal) IT departments for any network support needs, and also provide our technical expertise in Citrix, Cisco, UNIX / Linux, firewalls, VPNs, advanced network troubleshooting among others.
We can execute any of the network IT Support Services through various options including remote support (on telephone or device interface) and on-site support.
We can also provide holiday cover and emergency back-up cover for your existing IT staff.