Global Pride Ltd | PC Repairs and Maintenance
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PC Repairs and Maintenance

In any business and organisational environments, computers provide a real lifeline for day to day tasks from storing crucial and confidential information to running production systems or lines. And as such they are prone to multiple faults, partial or complete breakdown, depending on a multitude of factors. There is hardly any logic to replace such computers with new ones every time they breakdown, yet the thought of running a business or an organisation in this era of computer revolution is a step backwards.
DON’T lose heart; don’t panic in the event of any breakdown. At Global Pride Ltd, we bring back to life any computer system and any other IT equipment. We provide complete repair services for all manufacturer makes and models of computer hardware and software components including; system tune-up, troubleshooting, and new system setup.
We also upgrade your computer or software or system, and any other IT equipment to meet the current trends of IT solutions.
We support all PC operating systems including; windows 7, all editions of vista, Ms widows XP, all editions of Ms 2000, MS NT 4.0 including workstation and server editions, all editions of Windows 98, 95, MS Windows 3.1, 3.11 and all Linux systems among others.
We provide proactive maintenance services for desktops, laptops, Mac book and net book computers, all kinds of phones, servers, networks, printers, scanners, software, call backs and any other hardware and software components, and equipment.
From a single home user to international industries, we offer maintenance and support agreements, and within your budget so that you can have a full business peace of mind at any time.